At Dequity Partners we select, back and prepare high growth potential investments. We develop or source solid and turnkey business investment opportunities that require significant investment for substantial long term gain. Our investments are diverse. We have a broad selection of investments at any given time. The majority of our investments have global potential or have a very local focus where we can add value such as real estate. Others are more speculative in nature such as litigation funding, lending, angel and private equity investment. With our broad skills and network, we have a pipeline of investment-ready projects.


We develop or source investment opportunities for wholesale and sophisticated investors – family offices, asset managers, institutions and private individuals looking for reliable turnkey investments.

Our philosophy is a win-win situation for the investors and the invested – “do good, and do no harm”. We recommend investment opportunities that we personally believe in from a commercial and social standpoint while giving the required return back to the investors.

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  • World Economic Forum Global Risks 2012 (4/3/2012) - The following is reposted with permission from the World Economic Forum’s website.
    We are living in a new world of risk. Globalisation, shifting demographics, rapidly accelerating technological change, increased connectivity, economic uncertainty, a growing multiplicity of actors and shifting power structures combine to make operating in this world unprecedentedly complex and challenging for corporations, institutions and states alike.
    Uniquely placed to catalyse a response to this new landscape, the World
  • Unfair Deals (10/31/2010) - What is an unfair deal?
    There was an interesting article in the Australian Financial Review on Friday 29 October 2010 entitled RHD backs “unfair” PeopleBank bid” (see AFR Article).  The article is about the board of a recruitment company backing a takeover offer despite an independent expert finding it is not fair.
    This reminded me very much of a situation we encounter frequently in larger deals involving a single large
  • Top Tips for Assessing Direct Equity – Investment Series Pt 2 (3/29/2018) - Top Tips Investments Series Part 2
    Dequity is providing a series of articles of top tips for assessing investment opportunities. This is part 2 of a series of blogs to explain our assessment model a little more so that we can help both investors and owners do business.
    At Dequity, we see quite literally tens of business plans and investment documents a month. More often than not, each has been