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Dequity White Label Solutions

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What is White Labelling for Agencies & Referrers? White labelling is a common term in business. It usually refers to a products manufactured by one company, that are packaged and sold by other companies under different brand names. The end product appears as though it […]

Risk Management Exposed

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What Makes A Good Risk Manager? I was asked by the Chairman of a very large listed company a very straightforward question, “What is a good risk manager and what do they do?”.  Here’s what I thought he wanted to hear. My answer went along the […]

Insolvency & Insolvency Practitioners

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Shaking Up Insolvency I was reading with great interest, the article entitled “Investors win in insolvency shake-up” in the AFR on 3 June 2011. The article discusses the Federal Government’s proposals to change the way liquidators, administrators and insolvency firms are appointed, terminated and how their […]

Business Turnaround

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How Do We Do It? We recently met with the owners of a business that had been making losses for a number of years. They had been holding on for a couple of years hoping to ride out the storm, not wanting to admit the […]

Financial Planning Reforms – Winners & Losers

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Who are the Winners and Losers? Following my previous blog on the subject of the Government’s proposed financial planning reforms, I have been asked to identify who will be the winners and who will be the losers if the changes proceed. In order to answer this, […]

Helicopter or Eagle Leader?

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Are you a Helicopter or an Eagle? Last week I had a great discussion with a group of business owners about the best skill or attitude a business owner or leader should have. We had the usual comments like "honesty", "integrity", "empathy" and "strength".  We also […]

The Difference Between Debt & Equity

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Confused Between Debt & Equity? We have recently been approached to comment on the costs, benefits and risks of taking on additional debt or equity. Before going on to examine the specific questions we were asked, we need to quickly examine the difference between debt and […]

Are You a Replicator, Mutant, Copycat or Pioneer?

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Why Does It Matter? Investors are often infuriated with entrepreneurs that don't understand what they have and where what they have fits in.  Entrepreneurs are often infuriated that investors don't like startups which isn't exactly true. If you want to attract investment then you'd better […]

Financial Planning Reforms

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Does It Need Reforming? There is a big battle going on between some parts of the financial planning industry and the Federal Government (Financial Services Minister Bill Shorten) about the need to reform the financial planning industry. Firstly, I need to admit that I have operated […]

Insider Trading

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Will High Profile Cases Prevent Future Insider Trading? I was interviewed last week regarding the stories of Sri Lankan-born Raj Rajaratnam, head of the Galleon Group in the US or young Sydney equities dealer John Hartman, both found guilty of insider trading. The journalist wanted […]


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