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Backdoor Listing

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Is Backdoor Listing for You? Many business owners are thinking of exiting their businesses in the next few years as the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age.  They wish to realise the value of the equity in their business. The question many of them ask is […]

Debt or Equity?

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Are You Confused About Debt & Equity? It has recently been announced that Santos (a major Australian oil services company) is soon to raise over $500 million (denominated in Euro) from European investors by means of  a financial  instrument that is effectively a bond (in […]

Pitching for Investment Funds

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Is Pitching for You? I am not a big fan of pitching by entrepreneurs to potential investors. Pitching is a highly pressured environment, pressure can be a good thing, stress is not. I don't believe in placing entrepreneurs, usually skilled in a discipline other than […]

Key Person Risks

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Key Person Risks (Including Billionaires) Corporations have been advised a hundred times before that key persons to the success of our businesses must be protected. From the tragedy of the Busby Babes, to today's announcement that we may have lost six of Australia's top mining […]

Do you suffer from “Product Goggles”?

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Step Away from the Goggles “Beer goggles” is a slang terms for a phenomenon in which consumption of alcohol lowers sexual inhibitions to the point that very little or no discretion is used when approaching or choosing sexual partners. The terms are often humorously applied when […]

Sophisticated Investors

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What is a Sophisticated or Wholesale investor? Firstly, it sounds more sexy than plain old vanilla investor.  Secondly, it is a typically confusing term dreamed up by some compliance geek or lawyer to further complicate the financial services industry.  Let's try to put it into […]

Property & Construction

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