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What is White Labelling for Agencies & Referrers?White-Label-Team

White labelling is a common term in business. It usually refers to a products manufactured by one company, that are packaged and sold by other companies under different brand names. The end product appears as though it is being made by the marketer, when in reality it is being created by the manufacturing company.

The benefits of white labelling are usually simple. The manufacturer can concentrate on making the best product or service and focus on cost savings, rather than worrying about marketing, which will be handled by the companies that will sell the product. In other words “sticking to your knitting”, both parties benefit.

The most obvious examples of this are in your local supermarket. You may have noticed that many of these stores have their own brand-name products, which usually sell at a discount relative to other well-known brands. The store-brand product is actually created by a manufacturing company that places the store’s label on the final product in an attempt to make customers think it was created by the vendor. It’s very common in wine making for example.

Why Consider White Labelling?

White labelling is far less common, certainly in the professional services and consulting industry.  True white labelling of project delivery teams is a great opportunity for you. Imagine you have a client that wants to merge, takeover, acquire or divest a part of their business. The common solutions are:

  • Hire a consulting firm at premium, which means agencies are locked out;
  • Build a project team and recruit contractors, which takes time and lacks cohesion and is transactional; or
  • Invest in recruiting permanent staff that they have to find other projects for later, again transactional.

All of the above have pros and cons, risks and benefits that I won’t go into here. However, I recently surprised one executive recruitment business by offering my entire team at Dequity as a white label product, to execute projects under their brand name. I offered a turnkey solution under their brand with no strings attached.

Why Does Dequity Offer This?

Dequity Partners have long since dispensed with the ego that makes us insist that our brand is best and has to be visible at all times. We’re too old and experienced to let brand ego get in the way of fees and interesting projects. We have no qualms operating under the radar, in fact often that is essential to getting a deal done. We believe it’s about our ability to get the job done in a way that appeals to our clients that is more important than brand names. Our results speak for us not our brand name and our liability insurance and indemnity is as good as any, a brand name is not essential.

Why Is This Solution Appealing?

For Dequity it fills gaps in our schedule, it provides regular fees and we spend less time and effort on marketing. We are not holding ourselves out to be a Big 4; been there, done that and have the T-shirt to prove it, literally! We are experts at what we do and we’d rather “stick to our knitting”, if someone else spots an opportunity, develops a client relationship and wants to market us then great.

For your agency it is appealing as it raises your profile, allows you to participate in projects where you might have once just had a recruitment fee. It allows you to compete with the big consulting firms on a skills and experience level. It’s a packaged, turnkey solution without the premium added for our brand and egos and we already operate as a team ensuring smooth delivery. With projects of the kind mentioned above, you can participate in success and transaction fees above and beyond recruitment fees and of course projects last longer than single transactions so you can build better relationships.

I’m forever surprised when brand names, egos and concerns about liabilities get in the way of simple, common sense solutions. Shouldn’t you be taking advantage of white labelling? Would you like a white label team to support your clients and enhance your business? Please call on +61 2 9258 1972 or go to our Contact page.

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