We help businesses overcome strategic, operational and financial obstacles to achieve success. Typically we work with executive management, company directors and business owners diagnosing issues and prioritising actions before implementing changes and restructures.

Our team consists entirely of business leaders with extensive commercial experience. Each of our team members have held C-level roles in industry, are seasoned Board Directors and have worked through a range of economic cycles, financial conditions and business challenges.

Our engagements cover the most critical challenges confronting modern business:

Provision of Capital

Capital raising including debt and private equity investment


Complex financial and operational restructures


Merger and acquisition identification, planning, execution and integration

Interim Management

Interim Board Director and Executive positions to assist in navigating the specific responsibilities of directors in a restructuring or distressed scenario

Management Buy Outs

Assisting the existing managers to acquire a large part or all of the company from either the parent company or from the private owners

We become trusted advisors and long-term partners. We help organisations through their most complex and difficult challenges ranging from specific problems to multi-year projects with equity investments and board responsibilities. Where required, we supplement our executive resources with specialists from our extensive C-level advisory network.

Our projects have unique characteristics and challenges. However, the things they generally have in common are being complex, challenging and require creative financial restructuring, which is where we excel. As a result we have a nimble and integrated approach.

We are independent from the conflicts that often compromise investment banks, accounting firms and legal providers.


What Is Our Investment Rating Model?

In order to save our investors time and to ensure that they are presented with the best investment opportunities we use our proprietary investment rating model.

This model is focussed on core investment fundamentals. It combines our Partners extensive practical experience with qualitative and quantitative assessment methods.

What Is Our Investment Rating Process?

Assess – Each investment opportunity presented to us is subjected to our proprietary investment rating model without exception.

Our investment rating model is based on what we feel are the most important aspects of successful business and therefore successful investment.

Each investment opportunity presented to us, or conceived by us, is subjected to our proprietary investment rating model, without exception.

We assess areas such as:

  • Type and stage of business
  • History of business
  • Industry and market position
  • Management experience
  • Shareholders
  • Geography and demographics
  • Points of difference
  • Intellectual property
  • Business assets
  • Financial assumptions, results and forecast
  • Funding requirement
  • Business plan and strategy
  • Valuation
  • Exit options


We analyse all of the above factors in relation to the investor offering, terms and conditions of investment, funding requirements and use of funds. These areas are scored individually and then weighted to provide a holistic rating. All Partners are involved in this process and a unanimous decision is required to progress.

Accept or Reject

The investment opportunity is given a red, amber or green light. Red means rejection. Amber means potential rework then resubmit. Green means pass and present to our investors.

In short, if it passes our extensive investment rating model, Dequity Partners will stand participate, support it and introduce it to our investors. At this point we have developed an Investment Memorandum and Business Plan.

In our experience, around 95% of investment opportunities presented to us fail to pass our investment rating model. Some fail the first time and with some adjustments, reorganisation, gap plugging and negotiation pass second time around. It’s a tough system but makes life easier for our investors to make a decision.



There are a number of benefits for our investors. These include:

Clarity of investment fundamentals;
Only investible deals are presented;
Faster due diligence; and
Faster decision making.

We save investors time and money in evaluating investment opportunities. We screen them from the endless stream of ideas and business proposals that are poorly thought through and badly put together. We save investors from the frustration of dealing with business owners that believe they have a great opportunity but aren’t investment ready.

We de-risk investment opportunities as far as humanly possible. We take time to analyse business proposals and plans, we meet with management, we conduct preliminary due diligence and if we find gaping holes we take action to remedy before we take to our investors. We only take investment opportunities to investors once we are prepared to back them ourselves and help deliver the results.

We offer execution oversight, we are part of the deal in that we will ensure that management deliver to an agreed business plan. We perform the role of directors or advisors on behalf of the investor to save them having to get too involved on a day-to-day basis.

As a general rule, we are remunerated on a success basis. We are remunerated with equity so we are committed for the long-haul and to the delivery of the business plan.