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The global economy is shaky, several European countries are facing bankruptcy and the overall forecast for jobs and positive economic growth is not promising. So why is now the right time to invest in private equity? Because the conditions are ripe for direct investments and the outlook can only get better. While others sit and worry about what might be, you can take advantage of best conditions for private equity investment and reap the rewards that will follow.

For sophisticated and institutional investors, Dequity Partners believe that having substantial direct control over your investments is a whole lot more satisfying and less turbulent than playing the share market, which changes daily outside your control. It’s generally accepted that share markets offer a diluted risk for diluted returns. In contrast, private equity investment can offer a diluted risk for undiluted returns.

Owning a substantial equity holding in a business allows you access to up to the minute decision making information. You’re not left waiting on a call from a middle-man like an advisor or broker. Most of the direct equity investment opportunities that Dequity Partners are involved with, offer a seat at the board table, at the very least regular, real-time direct management reporting. You know when things are good and bad almost as they happen, you’re not waiting to read about it in the papers.

Understanding your place in terms of debt & equity, direct investment and private equity means having a team of professionals who can help guide you into making the best choices for your financial future. A team of experts that can and expand your portfolio to increase your profits and protect your investments as well. Solid, dependable investment analysis, proper risk management and prompt, professional investor services are what you need to help take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Simon Franklin, Stuart Hackett and Klaus Selinger at Dequity Partners are the direct equity experts and strategic advisors you need for today, tomorrow and long into the future.

At Dequity Partners we help you create multiple, global income streams, with substantial EBITDA and prioritised returns for investors all under turnkey management systems. We provide solid investment opportunities that range from promising businesses on the rise to those awaiting their initial public offerings. In today’s economic climate you need the type of sound, proven advice that’s backed by investment analysis, risk management and corporate governance. Dequity Partners deliver investment opportunities that are fully developed.

Dequity Partners is Simon Franklin, Stuart Hackett and Klaus Selinger who use their experience, track record and knowledge as corporate investors to examine the market and provide solid investor services through strategic planning, investment reviews and due diligence as well as solid strategic financial consulting and structuring.

Providing solid investor services means informing you of new opportunities, but only those subjected to our rigorous standards. Dequity Partners review their potential our tried and tested investment rating model to provide you only with those private investment opportunities that show real promise.

Understanding private equity, venture capital, debt & equity solutions and the risks of private investment is what Dequity Partners is all about. We provide the type of strategic advice and decision-making that private investors need to expand their investments no matter what the future throws at us. That’s right, we’ll be right there with you, Dequity Partners only present investment opportunities that we participate in.

Dequity Partners are available to assist and advise on a range of direct equity investment opportunities. Please call on +61 2 9258 1972 or go to our Contact page.

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