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Top Tips for Assessing Direct Equity – Investment Series Pt 2

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Top Tips Investments Series Part 2 Dequity is providing a series of articles of top tips for assessing investment opportunities. This is part 2 of a series of blogs to explain our assessment model a little more so that we can help both investors and […]

ASIC Warns of Hybrid Securities

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ASIC Warns of Hybrid Securities ASIC is starting a campaign to warn issuers and intermediaries to ensure that the risks involved in hybrid issues are made clear to retail investors. Currently, the big issuers of hybrids are the banks. There are other issuers but I'm […]

The Difference Between Debt & Equity

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Confused Between Debt & Equity? We have recently been approached to comment on the costs, benefits and risks of taking on additional debt or equity. Before going on to examine the specific questions we were asked, we need to quickly examine the difference between debt and […]

Bank Profit Pressure

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Big Banks Profits Under Pressure I was reading the interesting Chanticleer article in the Easter edition of the Australian Financial Review on Friday entitled “Big Banks’ days in the sun could be numbered”. The basic premise of this article is that the current run of high […]

Debt or Equity?

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Are You Confused About Debt & Equity? It has recently been announced that Santos (a major Australian oil services company) is soon to raise over $500 million (denominated in Euro) from European investors by means of  a financial  instrument that is effectively a bond (in […]