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Pitch Process

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Simon Franklin, Managing Partner of Dequity Partners was honoured to have been asked by the RegTech Association of Australia to judge their awards for Best Pitch from a plethora of regulatory technology companies eager to gain exposure and potentially investment. This is something he […]

Helicopter or Eagle Leader?

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Are you a Helicopter or an Eagle? Last week I had a great discussion with a group of business owners about the best skill or attitude a business owner or leader should have. We had the usual comments like "honesty", "integrity", "empathy" and "strength".  We also […]

Hairy Risks

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We Love Big, Hairy Risks Fear of risk, like fear of spiders, is mostly irrational and based on lack of understanding. Sure, if you poke the wrong type of spider and annoy it enough it may bite you and a certain few species will actually […]

Do you suffer from “Product Goggles”?

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Step Away from the Goggles “Beer goggles” is a slang terms for a phenomenon in which consumption of alcohol lowers sexual inhibitions to the point that very little or no discretion is used when approaching or choosing sexual partners. The terms are often humorously applied when […]


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