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Private Equity Term Sheet Tips

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Term Sheets - What An Entrepreneur Really Needs To Know Any business agreement should be fully understood and conclusive before it comes into force. Private equity transaction agreements are no different. It’s critically important that all parties subject to an agreement, understand both the terms […]

Top Tips for Assessing Direct Equity – Investment Series Pt 1

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Top Tips Investments Series Part 1 Over the next few weeks Dequity will provide a series of blogs of top tips for assessing investment opportunities. This is part 1 of a series of blogs to explain our assessment model a little more so that we […]

Private Equity Update

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Private Equity Market Conditions The global economy is shaky, several European countries are facing bankruptcy and the overall forecast for jobs and positive economic growth is not promising. So why is now the right time to invest in private equity? Because the conditions are ripe […]

Pitching for Investment Funds

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Is Pitching for You? I am not a big fan of pitching by entrepreneurs to potential investors. Pitching is a highly pressured environment, pressure can be a good thing, stress is not. I don't believe in placing entrepreneurs, usually skilled in a discipline other than […]

Sophisticated Investors

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What is a Sophisticated or Wholesale investor? Firstly, it sounds more sexy than plain old vanilla investor.  Secondly, it is a typically confusing term dreamed up by some compliance geek or lawyer to further complicate the financial services industry.  Let's try to put it into […]

Property & Construction

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