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Mental Illness in the Boardroom

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A Major Risk for Companies Please find attached article recently published in Keeping good companies, the journal of Chartered Secretaries Australia. In recent years, mental illness issues have become hot topics around Australia. And for good reason - mental illness is an issue that touches many […]

World Economic Forum Global Risks 2012

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The following is reposted with permission from the World Economic Forum's website. We are living in a new world of risk. Globalisation, shifting demographics, rapidly accelerating technological change, increased connectivity, economic uncertainty, a growing multiplicity of actors and shifting power structures combine to make operating […]

Risk Management Exposed

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What Makes A Good Risk Manager? I was asked by the Chairman of a very large listed company a very straightforward question, “What is a good risk manager and what do they do?”.  Here’s what I thought he wanted to hear. My answer went along the […]

Business Turnaround

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How Do We Do It? We recently met with the owners of a business that had been making losses for a number of years. They had been holding on for a couple of years hoping to ride out the storm, not wanting to admit the […]

The Difference Between Debt & Equity

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Confused Between Debt & Equity? We have recently been approached to comment on the costs, benefits and risks of taking on additional debt or equity. Before going on to examine the specific questions we were asked, we need to quickly examine the difference between debt and […]

Risk Management Strategy Is Not Enough

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Do You Have One & Does It Work? In Simon Franklin’s article back in June 2010 he examines the Key Person risk issue which of course is a major consideration, especially for investors. At Dequity Partners we are very keen to ensure that all our clients […]

Hairy Risks

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We Love Big, Hairy Risks Fear of risk, like fear of spiders, is mostly irrational and based on lack of understanding. Sure, if you poke the wrong type of spider and annoy it enough it may bite you and a certain few species will actually […]

Key Person Risks

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Key Person Risks (Including Billionaires) Corporations have been advised a hundred times before that key persons to the success of our businesses must be protected. From the tragedy of the Busby Babes, to today's announcement that we may have lost six of Australia's top mining […]


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